Hi everyone I’m Andrew Kosloske, husband to my amazing wife Jen, father of 3 beautiful children and oh yes I’m also a Realtor...

But more about that later. My life is all about creating memorable moments with my family, engaging with new people every day and giving back to the community any way I can. Throughout my life, I have journeyed my way through many different states. Originally born in Seoul Korea to a military family…

The dream of owning our own home all started when we were kids playing house.

The thought of owning our home is nothing new in our minds, we have had
those thoughts since we were children. The question is, when is the right time to buy a home? I have spoken with many families comprised of, newlyweds, new parents, single mothers, and fathers, who are all interested in becoming homeowners. The common general concern amongst all of them is the financial cost and investment.

Trust me, you are not alone in your thoughts…

This is why I spend time speaking with families who are interested in purchasing a home, however, may have their reservations. I like getting to know people and hearing their stories because when I listen to each story, I tend to find out home much we are all so similar. Many of the people I speak with, I really connect with and find myself relating to them as well.

Believing in yourself is the first step.

Before I even begin to strategize a plan with a future homeowner, I have to know that they believe in themselves and that this is the right decision for their family. I recently spoke with a couple who wanted to buy a home, so eventually, they could have the collateral to begin a business.

Let’s develop your own personalized plan

My first question to them was, what type of business and have you thought out a detailed plan to reach your dream? They were taken back at first by my question, however, I wanted to ensure once I found them their future home, that their dream of starting their own business would continue. I aspire nothing but the best for any first time home buyer and I want to make sure that they believe in themselves to make home ownership a reality.

Each and every new homeowner started with a plan to get them where they are. Planning is the essential key foundation to obtain those set of keys to your new home. We have to work as a team and develop a plan and strategy, so we stay connected to finding you the right home to invest your future in.

I understand life never stops, with soccer practices, babies napping, and with hectic work schedules, it’s hard to find time to plan out buying a home… That’s why I am here, I understand and have been through it all as well, I am dedicated to working with your schedule to making buying a home as easy as it can be.

I will get you those set of keys to open the door to your new home

Try and imagine the wonderful feeling and self-accomplishment you will have the moment you close on your new home and are handed your keys. It may seem like a faraway dream, but it’s closer than you think. When I am working with you and your family, my priority is getting you to your real estate goals.

Building new beginnings and creating precious memories

The moment you open the door to your new home, new and wonderful memories begin to blossom. Nothing can replace the noteworthy moments walking into my home seeing my lovely wife Jen and my 3 beautiful children. Your home is more than a financial investment, it’s an investment of yourself and your family.

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